"Dov is one of my favorite coaches to work with. His work is playful, fearless, masculine and feminine and everything in between. His awareness that there are millions of possibilities for a character makes the search for the right choice deep, challenging, and always fun."


"I have worked with Dov on countless auditions over the 4 years I’ve known him.  In the past 3 years he has become the only audition coach I go to. He’s extremely gifted at freeing me up and getting me thinking about working on the material for the fun and excitement of finding it. He helps me let go of the unhelpful thinking about how to mold myself into something I’m not to get the job. I always come to him stressed out saying things like, “I’m totally wrong for this” or “this isn’t in my wheelhouse.” And I always change my mind by the end of our session. By making me forget about GETTING the job and instead focus on the fun of finding my own personal way into the work, we craft something together that gives me confidence. Through conscientious personal discussion, he helps me stop trying to play the character, and instead find the person inside me who is that character. So that I am just being, instead of acting. I leave armed with my own unique take on it, that I know no one else is walking in with because it’s ME. Dov is special in this regard. I believe he has the power to help people, not just with their auditions but with their confidence in themselves as actors and artists in general. He’s the best!"

-Sarah Steele (THE HUMANS-Broadway, THE GOOD WIFE-CBS)

"Dov is devoted to deepening performances beyond good or bad.  He is about the process.  His understanding of human psychology and spirituality and his ability to apply that to his craft is something quite unique and unparalleled to anyone else of his generation." 


"Dov has the innate ability to get to the heart of a character. He challenges me to dig deeper than I knew I was capable, forcing me to ask the hard questions. As a long time friend and student of Mr. Tiefenbach I know that he has and continues to explore the greater meaning of what connects us as a people, and the power that we as artists hold. There is no greater asset in a coach and a teacher, and I couldn't recommend his guidance more." 

-Raviv Ulman

"Dov is a very gifted, disciplined actor. It has always been a privilege to work with him. He has a questioning mind and a free spirit. His instrument has been honed to be so natural on stage and camera that it is hard to believe his is actually acting. His experience in many professional films and TV prime time series has seasoned his natural gifts to prepare him to be a talented guide for other actors. His often very unconventional take on script analysis opens up a myriad of possibilities even for common parts, infusing them with new and intriguing meaning. His dedication and obsession with craft is an inspiration for any actor, old and new. The many times he has auditioned and won paid roles clearly qualifies him as an able instructor for others in the art of getting a job in the difficult journey of any actor."

-Omar Chagall (Law and Order, Sopranos, Che, Frida, Unforgettable)

"Working with Dov is like opening a wonderful gift that someone you care for gives you just because. He is an exquisite combination of precise insight, near-infinite patience, vast experience, and unwavering support."
-Laurie Woodward