Even the most accomplished actors have anguished over how different the art of acting on set and stage is from the audition room. Being successful in auditions is it’s own skill. Grizzled Vets and Rookies alike experience the same anxiety.

Our class will explore Craft within the context of the audition room and intends to give actors the tools and confidence to feel comfortable in creating memorable auditions. Auditions that book.

Using sides from real TV and film auditions, class work will take place within the context of the audition room. The stage will become the casting room, the teacher will play the casting director and students will have the opportunity to practice coming into the room, auditioning, taking adjustments then receiving feedback and notes from the teacher. This class is for the beginner and advanced actor, all levels work together.

The class has it's roots in the principals of modern method techniques but specified for results in the audition. Casting directors are always looking for “strong choices” that are unique to that actor. We will examine what makes for strong choices that allow for a living character appear. Intention, substitution, personalization, high stakes, obstacles, spontaneity, presence, avoiding the trap, as well as audition room etiquette will all be explored.

Without having to rehearse with scene partners, the class gives each student the opportunity to work on their craft each week without impediment. The teacher is committed to each student working each class.

It's difficult to overcome our own anxiety and the stakes are often higher for the actor than the character. The audition fails when the actor’s desire is greater than the character’s. We will explore how to experience the character’s needs as our own and lift the audition from pretending in order to book, to experiencing the character in our own unique way. Producers always want to work with actors that can authentically transform material into their own being, showing them behavior they didn't expect. Most actors are showing up with the exact same audition. Working this way can not be planned, it can only be experienced. You will learn to surprise yourself.

The class will focus on:

•identifying and modifying the actor’s energy and how it differs from the character’s.

•working with personalizations and substitutions, understanding how “this is like that”.

•translating movement into the stillness required for audition work.

•creating a sense of space--choreographing an audition.

•deepening our understanding of tone and genre.

•translating our own vibrant experiences and strong opinions into the character’s.

•identifying the choices we subconsciously make and how to make strong conscious choices.

•shifting the audition experience from being stressful to fun.


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